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Mark Deliduka

Maddog Manufacturing 2020 Production Line

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Hello all and welcome to the Grand Re-opening of Maddog Manufacturing in 2020. I had a pretty good end of year which has set me up to make even more progress this year. So come on in and enjoy the tours!

I'll start with a reminder of what I finished the last year with still on the bench:


Today I managed to find some time so I sat down to get some of these moving. This is the results, starting with my aircraft.  

The little Russian glider was still mocking me so I re-sanded down the seam I'd filled again for the fourth time. It still wasn't as smooth as I wanted but I'm tired of dealing with it. I shot another coat of green on this bird:


Later when it was dry, I went back and shot the second camouflage color on it. I free-handed this paint work with my Sotar 20/20 airbrush:


Moving on, I also decided to shoot the final green color on my Israeli Sufa since it was already masked and ready for it:


After that, I completed the masking so I could shoot the underside of this jet:


After shooting the grey, I forgot to take a pic before I masked off the nose and shot the gunship grey on it. So, here's the underside, with the nose still masked off and painted:


After all of that was done and dry, I removed all the tape and Silly Putty. I'm gonna need to do some touch ups but I'm happy with where this is now:


That's all I got done with my aircraft for now. Let's look at the progress I made on my armor and vehicles.


Since I had already masked my BMP-3 Early with Silly Putty when I masked the Sufa, I shot the next color on:


After that dried, I masked that second color and then shot the third one on:


After that was dry enough, I removed everything to see how it looked. I'm happy; there's not too much to touch up on this:



Since the T-15 Armata was also masked; I shot the second color on that one too:


Later it got covered and the third color shot on:


And once again, when it was dry, I removed everything to find only a tiny amount of touch up needed. This looks pretty awesome in this scheme:



Now on to my big trucks. First off, the AA-60 fire tender still had issues with the white on the sides so I re-shot it. That is drying now; no need to take pics again. Meanwhile, I decided to modulate the color on the big trucks that will be all one solid color. First was the MAZ tank transporter:


Next was the KZKT Iskandar:


Then I shot the KZKT Heavy Cargo Truck:


And finally, the MAZ Heavy Cargo Truck:


The last two models had some measure of camouflage on them, only two colors each. First off the Bereg Coastal Defense Gun got it's second tan color. I free-handed this camouflage on this and the Baikal Command Truck still with my Sotar 20/20 airbrush since it would have taken too much tape and Silly Putty to mask off all that green. I should have shot the tan first, then masked that and shot the green. Oh well, I did it in reverse instead and here's how the Bereg looks:



And finally I camouflaged the Baikal; but it only needed the second tan color on the command cabin so I modulated the drivers cabin:




And that is all I managed to get done on this; the first building day of the new year. Thanks all for looking in, as always; comments are welcome.


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Thank you Dave. Hopefully some will be finished soon.

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Thanks to some spare time and another Hobby Day weekend I managed to get a good amount of progress done. Several of these are actually at the paint stage now. Without further ado, let the Maddog Manufacturing tour begin....

We'll start in the aircraft division where I worked on the Gotha Go-242.

First off, I painted the pilots and the rest of the cockpit that can be seen. I then installed it along with a lot of nose weight in the front:


Next, I was going to add the main cargo bay floor, but I saw this great looking molded in detail. I had to paint it. Once it was dry, I installed in inside the fuselage half:


Next I assembled the rear cargo bay door, adding the hinges to it as well:


All that was left was to close it all up:


The rear door does open. I like that:


After that, I added the wings and assembled the empennage to complete most of the structure of this plane:


Here you can see the rear door does still open:


Despite my best efforts I still had some steps and gaps to fill, so I pulled out the Mr. Surfacer 500 to fill everything in. My jar was quite thick, but I still laid in on well:




Now moving on to my armor and vehicle division....

I was looking for something simple and easy to build after all those difficult Big Trucks, so I pulled out my Modelcollect V-1 Launch Ramp. How hard could that be? It was actually pretty simple, but I still had some issues getting the bracing to sit right:


Later I'll do the V-1 bombs.

Another fast and relatively easy build was a Christmas present given to me by my AMPS club. This is the V-2 rocket from Condor and I'd built one before. However, the first one went onto my Mittraelerwagen as a load so now I'm going to do this one on the launch pad. It went together fast and well, although I had a few broken and short-shot pieces on the launch pad that I left off:


I added more fast and easy builds that also add to my Japanese modern forces. These are the two JGSDF Light Armored Vehicles that I started up. First I did the suspensions and undercarriages:


Yes, they gave me two models in the kit.

Next was the interiors. They had you build them in a tub like the 1/24 scale car guys do and then install them on the chassis:


Next I built one of the upper bodies for these. It was a fast and easy build. I did leave off a few parts that I know will break when I try to close these over the chassis and interiors:


I also left off the windows as they go on from the outside so it's easier to paint these without them and add the windows later. I also decided to differentiate between the two by having the upper hatch closed on one and open on the other:


Yeah, those are ready for paint now. I just have to find out what color the interior is now.

These Fujimi kits are so much fun so I pulled out two more to do. Of course, they came in the same box, but they have two versions inside. So, I started the next ones, these being the Type 99 Self Propelled Artillery. Here's the turret for one of them:


That took all of four minutes to build. The hull took an even shorter time:


Here you can see how incredibly long that gun is:


Finally, about 20 minutes later, I got all the wheels and tracks on both of these. Now they are almost ready for paint, after adding a few more hatches and other detail parts:


Next I did the Fujimi JGSDF Anti-aircraft artillery. I started with the turrets like before:


These two I differentiated by adding two different styles of smoke dischargers to the sides of these turrets:


These look great on the hulls that were easily built in another four minutes or so:


I ran out of time at the end of Hobby Day before I could complete the tracks, but that will go fast. Fujimi has an outstanding system for roadwheels and tracks.

Finally, another fast and easy model to build. This is the Trumpeter M-1117 Guardian that I'd been wanting for awhile. I started with the suspension:


It looks complicated, but it was fast and easy to do. Next I built the upper hull and turret, adding most of the detail parts except what would break with handling during painting:


After about five minutes getting the above results, this little beastie is ready for paint.


Finally, after all that, I decided to start back on something that I'd had sitting for awhile. I also wanted to do something different so I pulled out my languishing Coke van to try and move forward on it. First thing I noticed was the chassis did not fit well under the body so I had to do some minor mods to this to get it to fit right. You can't see them too well in this pic, but it does fit much better now:


Next I noticed that several vital parts were missing on this, in particular the engine covers, front grill and the gear shift mechanism. Thank goodness I had a second kit to steal these extra parts from so I could finish this! I pulled the gear shift mechanism out and added it to the interior and then assembled and installed the engine cover and grill to the front of the model. I also added the seat:


Now I'm going to paint this beastie and finally get it done.



That's all I have for now, thanks all for looking in, comments are always welcome.


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I'm not worthy!

A couple of quextions:

1 - Is the Coke Van 1/72th? If so, who makes it?

2 - Given the clay-boundaries you use to mask the aircraft camo, I kinda expect to see a softer edge between colors. Is it just so fine that the pix don't show it? Or is the hard edge intended?

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Thanks Bob! I think you are worthy; my work is simple and OOB.


First question: the Coke van is actually 1/24 scale, made by AMT if I recall. I would love to do one in 1/72 scale but finding a vehicle like this in that scale is beyond difficult. I just like the look of this van and the Coke logos so I'm building it.

Second question: It is possible to do a softer edge camouflage with the Silly Putty, but that involved lifting the edge and spraying from a different angle to allow overspray under the lifted edge. I just laid it down as thin as possible without thinning it too much and then shot straight down, giving me a harder edge. Yes, it was planned. All Israeli aircraft that I've seen had a hard edge camouflage. I have attempted a softer edge before but I'm not that good at it. Still need more practice on a paint mule.

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