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This kit has been in my stash for a very long time. So long in fact that it outlasted the producer - Two Fat Guys.  Sidebar: one of the guys went on to form JPG Productions. The 1:2256 scale model came in 7 or 8 parts (I forget now) and was very easy to clean up and get ready for building. The parts went together effortlessly.


Looking at images from the Phantom Menace movie, it had this beige, almost rust looking color. What I decided to do was start dark and then mask off sections which would be panels. Then sprayed a lighter color.  


 I did the masking and painting for a number of levels until I had my lightest color. Then removed all the masking tape. Thankfully no paint peeled off from this procedure. This made the wings look "busy."  Then I weathered the ship.


Then it sat and sat.  I knew I wanted to do a little vignette of when the ships landed in the forests of Naboo. finally when I found time, I took an open ended box from Michaels which I turned over and used for a base. Then I took 3 different sized dowels (one size was wooden cotton buds) as the trees. I used cut up pieces of the fiber hanging basket liners as branches.



When that was done I added two different times of ground foam as leaves and I finished it up by gluing the ship in place. Thanks for looking.





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