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I picked this one off the shelf as I saw it as a fast little build.  Sculpted by Troy McDevitt, is a very nice caricature, with one two bubbles on two of the teeth, and seam lines that were nearly invisible.  The part fit very well and only a little bit of Aves was used along the spines, and where the spines met his tail.  After that it got a coat of Vallejo Air NATO Black as a primer.

 I like the NATO Black because to my eyes it looks like there a little green in it, and models don't just look black. After that it got a drybrush of a mid range gray. while that was drying I got out some Ivory and painted the teeth and eyes. Then some Gray Green for the toe and finger nails. I also mixed some of the Gray Green with the Ivory, and painted his gums.

Liking the new Godzilla I had the idea to have his spines light up in that blue white coloring, so sprayed the edges a wide swath of dark blue.


 Leaving the blue to dry , I went back and gave the teeth a was of Nuln Oil. The eyes also got dots of Gory Red.


 From there I went back to the spines, and gave a smaller edging with a light blue. When that dried, I had an even lighter blue that went in a smaller strip along the spines. To finish it off a added dots of white to tallest spines.  To finish him off, his teeth got a dry brushing of Ivory.  Done, nice and easy.   Thanks for looking.





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On 11/21/2019 at 11:33 AM, dmorrissette said:

LOL. I love it. Big fan of the big guy


Thanks. It's a fairly new kit from Troy, so he may have some on hand, or if not only a few days away with his caster. 🙂

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