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New Review: Scale Military Modeller International, July 2019

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One of my favorite start of the new month activities is to head to Barnes and Noble on a Friday afternoon and peruse the new model magazines. I usually only buy one or two each month, but it is part of my routine. Apparently though, my solitary habits aren't enough to sustain the space on the shelves as my local shop isn't stocking much as of late. So I was happy to see this sample of SMMI show up with another review. Here's the breakdown of what's inside:

T-34 Captured -- looks at Robin Gilby's 1/35 ICM Pz.Kpfw T-34-747(r)-- more so an overview of the painting process with no real in-build photos...describes paint and weathering stages.


The Desert General-- Modelers Masterclass article on Robin Gilby's 1/35 Tamiya Leclerc Series II build-- this one describes the actual build, but again- photos only represent the tank during the painting and weathering stages.


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