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New Review: F-5 Tiger II "Freedom Fighter" (shark nose versions) - F-5 E, F - Pitot Tube and 20mm gun barrels

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This was done in conjunction with the Platz 1/144 F-5E/N kit which I also reviewed.  

This set consists of a brass pitot, two 20mm guns, and a fairing which can replace one of the guns.

The upgrade is pretty simple.  You get a .3mm drill.  Remove the kit pitot and drill a hole there.  The guns require a little more work, as there isn't a good place to start drilling.  I began by using a #1 blade to dig the guns out, then drilled the .3 mm holes.  Then I installed the pitot and the guns.  I had to use a little filler under the guns to get them looking good.  

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