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The Latest On Testors...Straight From Rustoleum


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It is now 10:41 a.m., October 28, 2019.  I just got off the phone with Rustoleum and here is what I learned:

1.  The Bulletin about Testors going away is fake and they are still trying to track down who posted it.  Rustoleum didn't say so, but I would suggest the idiot is in a world of hurt whenever he or they are caught.

2.  It is TRUE that international distribution will end EXCEPT for Canada.  Again,  Testors products will continue to be distributed in the U.S. AND CANADA.

3.  It is TRUE that Aztek Airbrushes are gone.

4.  It is TRUE that Metalizer products are gone.

5.  The ONLY link for current Testors products is https://www.rustoleum.ca/product-catalog/consumer-brands/testors/

6.  The familiar testors.com websie does NOT show the correct current product line.

7.  The Testors link at the bottom of the Rustoleum home page is NOT currently correct.  At this time, it takes you to the old testors.com home page.

8.  Having been made aware of the link/website problems, Rustoleum  will be working to correct them.

9,  Rustoleum stated during our telcon that Model Master is not going away any time soon, but colors that do not sell will not be continued.  What that means for anyone's favorite color I can't say since I have no idea what their criteria for sales volume is.



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