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T-34/122 What-If


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I stared this project in 2017 and it sat on the shelf of shame in the primer stage until a month ago when I finally dusted it off to finish.




I based the turret on this drawing...


but updated the design to have later type production features. The unique turret parts were designed in 3D CAD and printed by Panzer Concepts. The mine roller is the old MB models white metal and resin garage kit. It required more work than the whole rest of the model to clean up. Model is detailed with Royal Model PE and Resin set, Fruil tracks, Eureka tow cable, and an Evolution figure.


Additional images can be found here:


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I have to applaud anyone who can eliminate a "shelf queen" from their inventory. I have 25 or so and am embarrassed to say so. I love the mine roller! You nailed the weathering, as always, to turn this shelf queen into true royalty!

Well done!



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Glad you finished it, looks great.

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