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New Review: American Secret Projects 2: US Airlifters 1941 to 1961

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This book is the second in a series on American prototypes and secret projects, the first on cargo aircraft. It covers many different aircraft from WWII types to right up till the early cold war.  The authors were granted an unprecedented level of access to the various manufacturers' archives and the amount of information in the book really shows this! This book covers over 200 designs from the well-known to those beyond obscure.

The book is broken down into nine chapters. The first is a brief overview of the last 80 years of airlift design and usage.

The second chapter covers the design challenges facing aerospace engineers especially when the government demands were outpacing the technology.  Everything from wing placement to cargo door size and placement are discussed. Many other factors such as carrying capacity and range are also covered, as are the advantages of prop, turboprop, and jet configurations both real and perceived.

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