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Exciting news from Eduard regarding their P-51 family!


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I see this as good news, but not GREAT news. The Tamiya P-51B/C WAS a quantum leap over the old Monogram/Promodeler issue, and was a step better than the newer Accurate Miniatures issue.

The new Eduard B/C will be a STEP forward, but not a leap. It will probably be very worthwhile to the accuracy fanatics because the wheel wells and cockpit floor will be correct and they will not need to spend money on aftermarket corrections. But for the large majority of builders who simply want a nicely detailed and well fitting B/C Mustang....it already exists.

I wish Eduard continued success! If they can make a lot of money on Mustangs, chances are they may eventually get around to something more needed....(insert YOUR wish list here).


GIL :smiley16:

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