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New Review: Famous Russian Aircraft - Sukhoi Su-27 & 30/33/34/35

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I would like to thank Specialty Press for this review sample

This is a revised and expanded edition of Yefim Gordon's original book on the Su-27 published in 2007. I thought the original publication was a large 544 pages. This book in comparison is 720 pages, which gives you an idea of how much additional material has been added. It is an impressively comprehensive tome on the Su-27 family and renders the other previous book obsolete. 

The layout was in Moscow by Polygon Press; it was printed in Bulgaria by Multi-print; Published in England by Crecy; and Published in the U.S. by Specialty Press. In addition to being an international effort, this book is heavy! Imagine my surprise when I went to lift the box at my doorstep. A hard cover edition, printed on clay paper, and in all color, his book falls into the category of an unabridged Webster's or Oxford English Dictionary. It really needs its own maple book stand on a carousel in your library. 

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