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New Review: Tempest Mk. V PE-set 1/48 -LEPT Decals

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EVEN more THANKS VERY MUCH to our friends at Eduard in Czechoslovakia!, and Phil and John in the specialized shipping to  reviewer's business.   

This review is uber simple without a tip requirement for the driver.  It's the basic stencils from the Tempest Profipak kit decal sheet, to which you can apply to the marking you want from the kit OR some other source.  It's all there... and the only decals I didn't use were those specific to certain kit markings; like the door outline in red with a lot of instructions on how to open it, the yellow "cut here on the canopy, and myriad two-dot decals to indicate airframe bolts with specialty metal composition.

I did not have time or vision to put the dots on.   Sorry.

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