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New Review: US Navy Aircraft Wheel Chocks

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This is one of those little "add-ons" that make your carrier deck look real.  The US Navy has always been very careful about parking their airplanes on the deck, and keeping them there.  It's considered "not good" when the deck pitches and a plane slides into the plane next to it, or even "more not good" if it slides off the deck into the water.  Tying the plane down works, but the chocks certainly help, especially when you're moving the plane.


The package contains 4 chocks, each on its own pour sprue.  There are two parts to each chock.  One of the parts has a rod attached to the chock block.  The other part has a hole the rod goes through to allow the chock to be adjusted to fit the wheel.

You get two sets of two chocks in the package.


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