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New Review: Cross & Cockade Int. Quarterly Journal, Summer 2019

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Cross & Cockade International is a non-profit UK based group known as the First World War Aviation Historical Society that publishes their journal four times a year.  They also provide a free newsletter. Those interested in the newsletter can subscribe by visiting the C&CI website.

The "lead" article, "Miles Jeffrey Game Day 1896-1918?" by Ian Burns, traces the too-short life of Jeffrey Day. Day was a pilot known for his ability to handle aircraft which had rather skittish flight characteristics. Day was also a talented poet, and this article features some text penned by Day. Day was involved in a rather risky project involving a seaplane and a Bristol Scout, the Scout piggybacking on the upper wing of the Porte Baby. The article is supported with some stunning photographs of the aircraft, ships, and other personnel that played a part in Day's experiences.

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