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Old Lighthouse Keeper


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This was a bust I found on one of the announcement pages on FB. It's by Grimm. I tried looking for his info for this write up, but after an hr., I could find it. If I do I will make an edit and add it.
The kit is one piece sculpt, very well done, in a gray resin - no bubbles, or seam marks. The figured reminded me of one of the villains in a Scooby-Doo cartoon, so decided to make him a ghost.

Started with the black primer, and then was working on his navy colored coat.

Then added a dark gray drybrush to the face, then added color to the barnicles, seeweed, and sweater.

 Another lighter gray - I want to make the glow coming from his face and OCL lighting on parts of the beard and coat.  

A little highlight to the coat and cap.

I thought I took a pic of the ghostly glow, but didn't.
The bluish,green glow color was made by drybrushing Citadel's Nihilakh Oxide where I needed it. I then highlighted that with V's Foundation White. I touch the Nihilakh Oxide and White to the rips in his coat to make it look like glow was coming out of them, and for a little added color.  Thanks for looking.



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Looking at it again, I had the thought that it looked like a ghost with a regular coat and cap. I added a little more of the "ghostly" Nihilakh Oxide to unify the whole thing.

*Now* I'm done. 😉


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