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New Review: Lancaster Mk.1B - Part 2 of 3

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Welcome back!  Last time we had just completed the interior and internal framework, front end and cockpit of the big 1/32nd Scale HKM Lancaster Mk.IB.  This second installment will bring the engines, wings, fuselage, bomb bay and wheel-wells together, leaving the final assembly and finish for the last segment of this three-part review. 

Work is going along smoothly, with just a few exceptions here and there.  While I had a few problems here and there, the overall build is simple and straightforward, and the fit is excellent.  Let's get back to work!

Things to consider before you start.

This is a big model.  Accordingly, I had to build some jigs to hold components while they were being assembled and finished.  Working with 1/2" Gator Board and HoldTheFoam adhesive, I constructed three jigs that held each wing and the fuselage in such a way as to allow the assemblies to be flipped upside down so I could work on both sides (top and bottom).  The three jigs were also designed to fit together into the original box, for transport to and from shows.

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