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New Review: Horten Ho-229 Night Fighter

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I'm a sucker for Luftwaffe '46 concepts and 1/144 scale, so when Brengun supplied us with this little bat winged beauty my hand went up immediately.

The kit is petite, very nicely molded and with fine panel lines.  Two color schemes are provided on the box, both for hypothetical units serving in 1946.  The canopy is a little thick, but there isn't much of a cockpit provided.  I added paper seat belts and a stretched sprue control stick; you could go further if you chose to add some detail.

I thinned all of the landing gear doors and used my fine engraving saw to separate the control surface joints.  Assembly is easily completed in a few hours; I spent more time painting and decaling than I did building.  I removed the molded-in cannon from the wing leading edges and drilled out the area to accept some sprue - but in looking at my review photos I realize that I forgot to add them.....but I did add a pitot tube using guitar wire.

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