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Star Trek 1/537 Scale

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This is a 537 scale kitbash I did last year.  USS Akula is a Lynch Class Light Destroyer.   Ship design is by Eric Kristiansen who has published several books on Federation ships and technology, most notably the Jackills Guide to Federation Ships.   Akula has custom decals from Jbot, lower deflector dish from Federation Models, scratchbuilt connecting dorsal and a 4 color "Aztec" paint scheme using McKenzie water based taxidermy colors. I also put hatches for "life boats" on this build.  I am currently working on Akula's sister ship, a 1.350 scale Lynch Class which I am making my first attempt at lighting ( so far so good! lol)








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Nice one Butch! Be sure to post then down in the Sci-Fi topic area, where more people will see it and appreciate than in the "welcome" section.


GIL :cool:

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