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New Review: Tempest Mk. V wheels late

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These Hawker Tempest resin wheels replace the already nice kit plastic wheels. The stand out features are the extra detail on the rims and tire side walls, flat spots and they are single pieces.

The kit wheels are supplied in two halves to be glued together and the seam dealt with.  The resin wheels just have to be removed from the resin pour block with a razor saw. This is located under the flat spot. If you are careful cutting it off, you only need a few swipes with a sanding stick to smooth out the cut, and the wheel is ready for paint.

Paint masks are supplied and fit nicely, resulting in great looking wheels that really compliment Eduard's superb Tempest Mk V model. These are a direct fit replacement, although I found the axel holes needed to be opened a little for a good fit.

My thanks to Eduard and the IPMS for the opportunity to review this fantastic product.

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