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Lots of kits for sale


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Spacecraft Creation Models 1/350th   Savanna Class DY-588 series SS New Zealand (Botany Bay) new in sealed box $150.00
Filmy Girls 1/6th   Stella new in box $225.00
Filmy Girls 1/6th   Aurora new in box $225.00
? 1/48th?   UFO Interceptor new in box $40.00
Space & Sci Fi
Airfix 1/144th  6171 Orion (2001) Parts confirmed $30.00
AMT/ERTL 1/6th 8784 Darth Vader Parts sealed $25.00
Fine Molds 1/72nd SW-16 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter   $20.00
Monogram 1/144th  6060 First Lunar Landing - Heritage Edition Parts sealed $30.00
Monogram 1/144th  5082 Apollo Saturn V Rocket + Moebius Ranger adapter Some parts sealed $50.00
DML 1/350th 1002 USS Ohio Parts sealed $30.00
Trumpeter 1/700th 5706 US Battleship BB-64 Wisconsin 1991 Parts sealed $20.00
AMT  1/25th AMT-620 White Freightliner   $30.00
Hasagawa 1/24th CF-3 Italya Reynard 89D F3000   $20.00
Hasagawa 1/24th CF-5 Wacoal Dome Reynard 89D F3000   $20.00
Hasagawa 1/24th CF-18 Wacoal Dunlop Lola T90-50   $20.00
Tamiya 1/20th 20040 Newman Haas K Mart Texaco Lola T93/00 Ford   $20.00
Academy 1/72nd 12529 USN F-4j VF-84 Jolly Rogers   $25.00
Airfix 1/72nd 255 Beagle Basset 206 Parts confirmed $15.00
Airfix 1/72nd 392 H.P. Jetstream Parts confirmed $15.00
Airfix 1/72nd   Vickers Valient   $60.00
Airfix 1/48th 7106 Supermarine Seafire FR46/47   $20.00
DML 1/72nd 2508 YF-22 Lightning 2 Parts sealed $15.00
Eduard 1/72nd 708 Bf 110 G4 Parts sealed $20.00
Frog 1/72nd F239 DeHavilland Hornet F.Mk.3 Parts confirmed $15.00
Fujimi 1/72nd H-8 British Phantom F-4K Yellow Bird   $20.00
Fujimi 1/72nd H-22 MiG-21 SMT Humpback   $20.00
Fujimi 1/72nd H-22 MiG-21 SMT Humpback   $20.00
Hasagawa 1/72nd 1989 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden Type 21 & A6M5c Zero  new in sealed box $30.00
Hasagawa 1/72nd 601 F-16A Plus Parts sealed $10.00
Hasagawa 1/72nd 720 Tornado GR Mk.I "Desert Storm" new in sealed box $15.00
Hasagawa 1/72nd 2817 F-104S/G Starfighter   $15.00
Hasagawa 1/48th 9148 Messerschmitt Bf109G-14 Parts sealed $25.00
Heller 1/72nd 248 PZL P11c   $5.00
Hobby Craft 1/72nd HC1343 "Vietnam" Caribou Parts sealed $25.00
HUMA 1/72nd   Dornier Do 27 Parts sealed $10.00
HUMA 1/72nd   Bucker Bu 131 Parts sealed $10.00
HUMA 1/72nd   DFS 230 Parts sealed $10.00
Italeri 1/72nd 1118 CG-4A Hadrian Parts confirmed $15.00
KP 1/72nd   IL-10 Avia B 33   $3.00
KP 1/72nd   AVIA CS-199   $3.00
Matchbox 1/72nd 40418 McDonnell RF-101 B/F-101 F Voodoo   $10.00
Matchbox 1/72nd PK-551 Victor K.2   $25.00
Monogram 1/72nd 5206 F-16XL Fighter Parts sealed $25.00
Monogram 1/48th 5429 AD-6 Skyraider (broken 20mm part in bag) (broken 20mm part in bag) $10.00
Monogram/Pro Modeler 1/48th 5936 Messerschmitt Me 410B-1 Parts sealed $30.00
Pioneer2  1/72nd   Fokker D-XXI   $3.00
Revell 1/72nd 4455 F-89d Scorpion Parts sealed $15.00
Revell 1/72nd 4397 Fairey gannet AS Mk.1/4   $15.00
Tamiya 1/48th 61082 Messerschmitt Me262 A-2a w Kettenkraftrad Parts sealed $30.00
Testors/Italeri 1/72nd 689 Northrop F-5F Tiger II   $20.00
Trumpeter 1/48th 2807 Curtis P-40B Warhawk Tomahawk IIA bonus main wheels and decals Parts sealed $20.00
Academy 1/72nd 13411 M1126 Stryker   $15.00
Airfix 1/76th 2312-6 German Recce Set   $7.00
ESCI 1/72nd 8606 Panzer IV   $7.00
ESCI 1/35th 5012 British Camp Rest Area new in sealed box $5.00
Hasagawa 1/72nd   Starter Truck Toyota GB   $7.00
Heller 1/72nd 198 AMX 13 Parts sealed $7.00
Matchbox 1/76th PK-171 Sd.Kfz II/7.5cm PAK40   $15.00
Matchbox 1/76th PK-176 CHAR B.1 bis/Renault FT 17 new in sealed box $15.00
Revell 1/144th 3350 US Army Vehicles Parts sealed $5.00
Trumpeter 1/72nd 7225 M4A3E8 Tank (T66 Track) Parts sealed $15.00
Trumpeter 1/72nd 7225 M4A3E8 Tank (T66 Track) Parts sealed $15.00

Prices don't include shipping.  Shipped from 84118.  Usually sent Priority mail.

Gladly accept Paypal.

Let me know if interested and I will package them up and get you a shipping cost.

Can add pictures as requested.




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