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I'm proud to announce my latest E-book.  This one is the result of a comment someone on this forum made after my C-46 E-book was finished.  To wit: It would be nice to have some reference photos included in the Building Guide.  File size limitations prevented that, but I've come up with a workaround.  This E-book, intended as a companion to my C-46 Building Guide, contains 49 relatively high resolution historical photos of the C-46A.  22 are operational shots and the other 27 come from the Curtiss assembly line.  They've all been enhanced to pull detail out of shadowed areas and can be enlarged at least 200 to 300 percent without suffering pixelation.  And if you prefer, since this E-book is offered in PDF format, they can also be printed if you prefer hard copy.  Price?  $3.99 and can be purchased by going here.


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