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I've made some pretty weird models in my time

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I was going through sorting photos last night and realized that over the last 20 years or so, I have done some pretty weird models. I've done my fair share of "normal" models as well, but here are some of the strangers ones for your enjoyment.  

Tamiya junkyard dog.jpg

Cams mustang.jpg

alfa 2.jpg.jpg


Blue angels 2 (2).jpg

DSC00030 (2).jpg

Eifle tower.jpg

nsx 2 (2).jpg

right (2).jpg.jpg


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Hi, Peter,

I would say you have quite an imagination.  I liked every one of these simply because you did not repeat yourself when building them.  Excellent quality and details.  Thanks for sharing.


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I'd label those more as "cool" than weird...And even if the subject matter isn't mainstream, I can see some quality skills being applied to them!

Personally, I occasionally build things like that for a "change of pace". I don't have nearly the range of different subjects as you, but do go off the deep end every so often....


This is the submarine I built from an Airfix Boeing 737...we had a "same kit build" in the club. I built two of them, one as a 737, and the other as this....

Then there's my love for the old Revell Deals Wheels....just because I built them as a kid.



It's all about having fun, no matter the subject!


GIL :cool:

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Gil, I love the old Dave Deal designs!  Never built them though.  As a kid, I did do a lot of Weirdo's though.  We really had a lot of strange stuff when I was growing up.  Do you remember the old Flap Jack model.  I still have one new in the box.  I really need to get around to building that one of these days.  

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I particularly like the Blue Angel and the Eiffel Tower.  Since I build mostly for commission, my stuff is all over the landscape.  That's in spite of the fact that my first love is aircraft.


The 1/16 Jenny is fairly ordinary, although it took 450 hours.   



The house took over 200 hours and is 100% scratchbuilt from sheet styrene.



The 6' tall squeeze bottle is simply ten times larger than an original bottle. 



As for the motorized toilet paper dispenser, it was a concept model that proved the concept wouldn't work. 



Finally, the one that I have no photo of and definitely qualifies as weird.  Believe it or not, I was commissioned to build a working, full scale eyelash dye clip that a beautician had designed and was hoping to patent.  Spring loaded so that it would trap the eyelash and protect the eyelid, I had to test it on myself...not including the dye...to make sure it would work.  Amazingly, it actually did what it was designed for, but I have no idea whether or not the woman ever got a patent or produced the clip.

There's been other screwball stuff over the years.  If nothing else, it's kept things interesting.



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Wow, you did some outstanding and unique models Pete! Sensational work! I think I've seen the six-wheeled Marlboro car once. Gil, that submarine was a stroke of genius!


With all the models I've built in my life, I think I only have about three or four unique and different models. This first one was a modification of the Tirpitz into a "what-if" modern ship... complete with a helicopter deck!


Aside from that, all I have are the Japanese Zero egg plane I did for a one-hour build contest. And yes, I did finish that in one hour as you see it in the pic. My prize was a 1/32 scale Visible P-51 Mustang.


...and the rival set from the anime movie "Porco Rosso"  which isn't that unusual, except the Savoia S-21 never existed.

Other than that, there are these movie and TV cars along with two Tom Daniel's designs.  That's about the extend of my unusual models in my collection.



German DBM Tirpitz.jpg

Japanese Zero Egg PLane I.jpg

Porco Rosso Rivals I.JPG

Monkeemobile I.jpg

Speed Rascer Mach 5 I.jpg

TD Collection I.JPG

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My most unusually model I’ve built to date is this 1/35 scratchbuild:

A short write up here:



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