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New Review: Bf-109T-2


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Messerschmitt developed the Bf-109T, based on the Bf-109E series, for operations from the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin", when it was being developed and built in the late thirties. Although the ship was launched in 1938, the carrier, which was to have had a capacity of 40 aircraft, was never completed. A second carrier, the Peter Strasser, was started but never launched. It was scrapped in 1940. The Graf Zeppelin was retained, and work resumed briefly in 1942, but eventually, it was stopped in 1943. Specialized folding wing JU-87B's and Bf-109T's were developed for these ships.

The Bf-109T-0 prototype was followed by ten pre-production Bf-109T-1's, converted from E-3's. These had extended, manually folding wings and carrier tailhooks, catapult spools, and tailwheel locking devices. A unit, JG 186, was formed for their evaluation, but the project was shelved. Sixty Bf-109T-1's had been ordered from Fieseler, and after on-again-off-again development, Fieseler was eventually instructed to complete all of the T-1's as land-based aircraft without the carrier equipment, under the designation Bf-109T-2.

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