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Diorama Luftwaffe hanger in 1/32


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Hi !


Building a 1/32 scale Luftwaffe diorama with a large hanger.

I'm about to paint the hanger but need some colour references.
I can se in a lot of ww2 pictures the hangers and some service buildings är painted in camo patterns, but of course,  I can't se what colors.

Some help to get color reference would be great !
Any one got ideas ?


Stefan from Sweden

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Hi Stefan.

I don't have any actual documentation on German hanger colors but would stand to reason they were painted with colors on hand.  So, probably the same colors used for aircraft camo or possibly the same used on vehicles.

Did find a couple of videos showing remaining hangers that still have some color to them that look like the original paint but I would take it for what it is worth. 


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