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New Review: Great Cars – Volkswagen Beetle – A celebration of the world’s most popular car

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The book goes into great detail of the development, service, variants and full history of a classic car which is one of the world's most popular cars ever produced. I have always loved this little car, with great memories of traveling in one when I was a child in the Sixties. The book is a wonderful treasure trove of pictures that I have ever seen before and even though I thought I knew a lot about this car it has so much more history and facts I never heard before.

Also, it is written by a very professional and knowledgeable author of lots of articles I have read and enjoyed before. The car's history goes back to Wartime Germany in the late 1930s and goes on till today! The car was the brainchild of the great car designer Ferdinand Porsche and was to be the Peoples car of the Third Reich under Hitler, hence Volkswagen (Peoples Car).

I found this book fascinating and made me aware of a lot of information I have never read before. The pictures alone are well worth getting this book for.

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