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New Review: Xuron Model 2175 ET Professional Sprue Cutter

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Our good friend and supporter Abby Robey of Xuron supplied several new tools to us for review.  Up first is this sprue cutter.  Like all of Xuron's tools, this is a finely crafted tool that will deliver years of service if properly used.  That means plastic only - the fine cutting edges are shaped to deliver a near-flush cut on soft plastic - use them on metal and you'll damage that edge.

I did a test cut on a standard sprue runner from the Eduard Spitfire I'm reviewing - take a look at the results in photo 3. Even on a relatively thick piece of styrene, the tool delivers a near-perpendicular cut through the runner. Moving on to "normal" usage, I removed one of the horizontal stabilizers from its tree - note (photo 4) that the resulting cut is almost perfectly flush.  Cleaning up parts is my least favorite part of building; these cutters will reduce the magnitude of that tedious task.  Highly recommended!

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