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MK44 Saturn Knight


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This is what I have been working on for the last few weeks. Love these kits. This makes #6.

The base kit builds like this: MK44 AmmoKnight.

But I glued on a few greeblies and used lots of putty.


To get to this point.



I'm still tinkering with tiny details but the majority is finished.

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Nice finish Bryan but then all your stuff is nice.

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Thanks Bill. I have one more to add to the family x-mas card. This time it's the baby of the family.

This was a quick little build and paint project. It's a resin 1/35 scale MK44. It comprised around 24 pieces, some of which were alternate parts to build a varient.




An image of the primer stage:


Additional images ca be found here: MK44 HammerKnight

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