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New Review: Men-At-Arms Series: French Naval & Colonial Troops 1872-1914

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The world's perceptions concerning nationalistic colonialism have virtually reversed over the course of the last century, and the impact of such behavior and its aftermath by mostly European nations on less-developed areas of the world is still being debated today.  That being said, for the figure modeler this era in human history is a goldmine of really interesting military uniforms, not least because so many of them combine European and local costumes in truly unique ways.

As far as global colonial powers during the 19th century go, France was certainly in the top three, having footholds throughout most of  northern Africa as well as IndoChina and elsewhere.  They incorporated large numbers of natives to help keep order in these regions, and in the process created some of these fascinating hybrids of dress.  I can't think of any other colonial power of the period who embraced this idea quite so enthusiastically, although perhaps the British are a close second.

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