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ModelFiesta-38 San Antonio, Tx Feb 16th

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ModelFiesta-38 Feb 16th at San Antonio Event Center, San Antonio, Tx 9a.m.-Awards Ceremony at 4:30p.m. ModelFiesta 38 is rapidly approaching and this year the option to pre-register your entries is being offered. It’s an easy process and user-friendly. Use this link and follow the directions describing the e-paperwork that you can email to the Event Director.


The ONLY paperwork that needs to be returned via email is the Model Registration Summary Form. Fill out this document completely but leave the Contestant Number at the top right BLANK...ModelFiesta staff will assign this number to you and fill this part in. Upon completion, email the Model Registration Summary Form to mfdirector@alamosquadron.com. Receipt of your Summary Form will be acknowledged, and additional information will be provided to you regarding your entry forms within a few days to include your Contestant Number. Please remember to bring your Model Registration Summary Form and one Individual Model Registration Form with you on Contest Day. Please feel free to ask questions about the Pre-Registration process, or about the event in general, by emailing those questions to ModelFiesta Director at mfdirector@alamosquadron.com

One quick F.A.Q…… can I add or delete entries after I’ve submitted the Model Reg. Summary Form via email?  Answer: You sure can! It would help our Pre-Registration Staff if you were to send an edited Model Reg. Summary Form after you’ve made those edits.


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