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New Review: Osprey Duel 90 USN Fleet Destroyer vs IJN Fleet Submarine: Pacific 41-42

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This book is number 90 in Osprey's Duel series where they take two opposing forces and compare/contrast them. The two subjects are the Imperial Japanese Navy's submarines verses the US Navy's destroyers. The book explains the develop of both these forces before the attack on Pearl Harbor, then goes into greater detail of the next 13 months of fighting until the end of 1942.

The book starts with a four-page introduction detailing Japanese developing submarine tactics of using their force to attack US Navy capital ships in a war of attrition leading up to a decisive grand battle between the fleets. They developed large, fleet submarines that were over 300 feet long and had airplane hangers on them.  Whereas, the US Navy's destroyer force was not training is anti-submarine warfare, but rather using their destroyers surface warfare fighters. These two beginning war strategies did not serve either side well the first year of combat.

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