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New Review: Cross & Cockade Int. Quarterly Journal Winter 2018 Vol 49/4

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Cross & Cockade International is a non-profit UK based group known as the First World War Aviation Historical Society that publishes their journal four times a year.  They also provide a free newsletter. Those interested in the newsletter can subscribe by visiting the C&CI website.

The "lead" article, "Who Shot Down Alan Jerrard?" by Dr. Jiri Rajlich, answers the title question immediately. The article follows the path of FLIK 51J Ace Eugen Bonsch, and the aerial engagement of March 30, 1918 in which Alan Jerrard was shot down. The story isn't focused on the actual exchange of gun fire as it is about Bonsch's war-time experience, and his life following WWI and the onset of WWII. Credit for the aerial victory was not assigned to Bonsch, but to a superior officer. The article contains a copy of Bonsch's notes from Bonsch's diary, in German, and then the English translation of those notes. It's a fascinating story about the experiences of an airman who whom many Westerners have no familiarity.

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