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Dap Plastic Wood Natural

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I bought this stuff on spec a while ago, and tossed it into my scenics drawer. It was $13 for 32 oz.  I don't think it would be worth it for a larger dio, but good for some smaller vignette.  I decided for a mini I was building I would try it out.

I dug into my collection of little bits of foam from shipping boxes I found the size I liked, and then cut more to fill in the space for the two hills I have planned.  Gluing them with Woodland Scenics Foam Glue, I put everything in place. I realized I needed a smaller rise to offset the hills so I tore pieces off some sheet cork I had and added them to the center.

Once dry I got out some Dap Plastic Wood that I had  put away in a drawer to use as the groundwork. Out of the container it's this brown-red color, but as you'll see it turns to a light brown when dry.

First I started out just using my hands, but this stuff is very sticky, and it's best to use some spatula shaped tools. It also help to keep the tools wet.

From there things progressed very quickly. And you need to be quick. The Plastic Wood dries pretty fast. It was already starting to firm up in  5 minutes. Keeping it wet slows that time - a little.


As you see in the pics as the putty dries it gets lighter in color, a clue that it's time to sand (if you want things smoother).  Sanding is easy.
The Giant was moulded to be stepping off a boulder. To have come continuity I took some landscaping bark chips and made additional boulders. The bark chips make great rocks by painting them black and then subsequent lighter drybrusings of gray. I also painted the ground a dark brown.

From there is was just a matter of spreading some PVA glue around the base, and then with a static grass applicator, put the grass down. For realism, make sure to leave little bare spaces. It's the wilderness after all and not a lawn or golf course. 😉
 In the pic the bare spot in the middle is where the Giant will be glued down. More glue and static grass around his feet will complete the base.

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