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William Thaws Nieuport 17


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As Both Bill Thaw and myself are Pittsburgh natives, I decided on one of his aircraft. For those not familiar with Mr Thaw he was one of the founding members of the Lafayette Escadrille.

This is the 1/48 Eduard Nieuport. 


Kit markings for National Insignias and Thaws Markings which was the "T" and the Indian Head was provided by fellow Modeler Tim Swisher (Local Thaw expert)


Used Alclad High Speed Silver for the doping 


I used Uschi Line for Rigging and Bob's buckle eyelets for attachments,Albion Alloys Turnbuckles also used.


This mount of Thaws had two guns and this is the over-wing Lewis I choose to build.


Thanks for Looking

Comments Always Welcome




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That is a gem! I'm always astounded by people like you who can model so crisply and cleanly, especially where rigging has to be added around an already painted and decalled model. Congrats on a gorgeous build and a very fitting tribute!


GIL :cool:

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Thank you all for the positive feedback. 

Gill my coffee intake was severely limited to decrease "Shakes" 😎



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