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New Review: Roman Legionary Versus Carthaginian Warrior

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History: Second Punic War 217-206 BC


The peace that followed the First Punic War was shallow and fractious, with the resumption of hostilities in 218 BC- sparked by Carthaginian expansion in Iberia- seeing Rome suffer some of the worst defeats in its entire history. The Carthaginian army was a composite affair, primarily made up of a number of levies from Africa and around the Mediterranean, augmented by mercenaries and allies, and these troops crushed the Roman heavy-infantry maniples in a series of battles across Southern Europe. Improvements made to Rome's military, however, would see Roman revenge visited on Hannibal in full measure by Scipio, who would beat the Carthagians at their own game and bring the legions to the gates of Carthage itself. In this study, the epic battles at Lake Trasimene (217 BC), Cannae (216 BC) and Ilipa (206 BC) are explored in detail, supported by carefully chosen illustrations and specially commissioned full-color artwork and mapping.


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