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Wedell Williams model 45 scratch scale 1/32


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Hello, everyone
I have an idea for the next model, it is supposed to be Wedell Williams model 45. I intend to make the model from scratch in 1/32 scale as my other models of racing aircraft.
I have some source materials that will help me during construction:

I have also found on the Internet a few archival photos of this plane and photos of the replica.



I have a question, do you have any pictures of the interior of the pilot's cabin, silinics chassis and other details (can there be pictures of the replica)?
I tried to contact the Wedell- Williams Memorial Aviation & Cypress Sawmil Museum
. They have a beautiful replica of this plane there so you could take a few photos,  I am waiting for a response.

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That's an ambitious project....I can't help with any images, but if I were you, I'd get a Willaims Bros 1/32 kit of the Gilmore Red Lion and look at how they did their interior. After all, it's the same "heritage"  of airplane, and probably VERY similar. You might  use some of their parts, since you're building in the same scale. Best of luck!


GIL :cool:

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Thanks Gil,
I hope, however, that someone will help me and will go to the museum and take some photos of this plane, or maybe someone has them? Unfortunately, I can not make it out of Poland too far for a trip to the museum, I do not have so much money for such a madness. But once, who knows, it will be possible to organize such a trip, such a dream of life, see aerial museums in the USA. For now, I hope that he is a modeler who is interested in the American air races of the Golden Age and will help me.

As for the idea using elements from Wedell Williams 44, he is very good, I have such ideas from the beginning. I mainly use the fuselage and maybe the engine, the wing fins and the engine cover need to be redone. in the hull also need to make many changes because in the model 45 the hull is bigger and has a slightly different shape. But quite similar, so it will be suitable for modifications. I once made a 1/32 model Laird Turner LT 14 "Meteor" with a larger model (1/30) so this time I will do with a smaller bit bigger. As for interior furnishings, it is very poor and simplified in the Williams Bross model, so it is not a good model. In addition, the hull frame in model 45 had to be significantly different because the wing structure was different and additionally had a retractable landing gear.

This is how the hull construction looks like:





I used two models of Williams Bross 1/32 type 44 "Red lion" for this modification

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Looks good.

If I was anywhere near the museum, I'd take a ride. But NY is quite a ways from Louisiana.  I hope you get the info you need.

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A friend sent me a set of Cleveland Model plans for the Wedell-Williams #44.  He is somewhat of a student of the Air Racers and though he cannot be certain, he feels like the #45 cockpit would be very similar to #44.  Educated guess if nothing else.


I have hopefully uploaded a .pdf of those plans.  If this does not work, contact me at myoungcc @ gmail.com.

Hope this helps.  My buddy says he will keep snooping around.

Happy Modeling

Wedell-Williams #44 plans.pdf

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