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Mark Deliduka

Maddog Manufacturing 2019 Production Line

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Well, here it is more than a month later and I finally had time to actually work on something; thanks to Hobby Day Weekend. Here's my latest.

I tried getting further along on several models, starting with the Russian glider. I managed to get it sanded down now, eliminating a lot of seams and issues:


I got the wings and wheels on this bird now:


Later I added more Mr. Surfacer to the wing roots and sanded it down. This bird is ready for paint now.

After that, I decided to get caught up on some armor. The MAN Pershing tractor-trailer was advanced a bit when I got the missile cradle done on the trailer:


The missile is removable for painting. I also completed all the assembly on the tractor. This is now ready for paint:


This is looking good so far:


Now I wanted to advance my BMP-3 Early a little more. I finished up the wheels, sprockets and tracks as well as the interior:


Then I completed most of the upper hull and snapped it down on top, then added the turret to see how it looks:


Almost there...

After this, I decided the M-1114 Humvee languished long enough. I pushed ahead on this one, finishing the main body and part of the roof:


After dry fitting the roof, I saw where other issues were going to happen:


Yeah, that's back on the box for now...

Moving on, I got the wheels and sprockets on the Nagmachon in preparation for the tracks:



Afterward, I added the doghouse after installing the armored glass to it. I also 'primered' the wheels in preparation for the vinyl tracks as recommended so the vinyl doesn't melt the wheels:



After this is gonna be a bunch of photo-etch and then some paint, some weathering, and then more photo-etch screens all over this. Fun times ahead!

For a little break, I decided to work more on my 1/24 scale Coke truck. First, I had some ejector pin marks to fill:


I don't know how much of that will be able to be seen, but I still want it looking good enough. Later I added the fenders to the main floor of this truck. The hood piece is only dry-fit to this:


Time to wait on that again....

After this, I wanted something simple, easy and fun. So, remember that Bobcat kit of the airfield support vehicles I got? I pulled that out and got the vehicles all built. They are snap together so I can disassemble them as needed to paint details. For now though, I just played!

Here's the Fire Truck:


Later I realized that the hose nozzle was not attached to the roof so I drilled the hole and added it.

Here's the Fuel truck:


Yes, there is glass for the windows; I just left it off for painting purposes.

Here are the two together, you can see the nozzle on the roof of the fire truck now:


After that was the baggage handling tractor and trailer with the generator trailer:


Here's the full set all together:


BTW, there's figures with this set too....

After all this, I decided it was time to move on and get my church built. Remember the cross I bought for this? Well, I decided to cement it directly to the original tiny cross so I could use the support for the new cross:


Now this will fit well on the church:


And it does look good! I like this very much:


Later on I painted all the white trim around the windows, doors and ledges:


Later I'll get the cornerstones and then try to figure out how to do the stone walls and roof.

Well, that completes this small update. Maybe I'll be able to get more done later, but I'm thinking it might be another month! Regardless, enjoy the tour and thanks for looking in!

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And now you've added actual buildings to your building! Always entertained and amazed by your work Duke!


GIL :smiley16:

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On 7/14/2019 at 4:58 PM, ghodges said:

And now you've added actual buildings to your building! Always entertained and amazed by your work Duke!


GIL :smiley16:

Thanks Gil! I actually have three buildings going now: the church, the Berlin House and a Train Station. None will be ready by the Nats but I am hoping to finish them all before years end.

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Well, it has been quite some time since I got this updated so it's time to throw open the doors and get the minions going again on some more models here at the Manufacturing Plant. Here is my latest small update on what little I was able to get done within the past few days.

I'll start with the Austratt turret base. I just did a dry-brush on this to see if I could get a better appearance on the cement base. Later I hope to try a green and brown dot filter to add some streaking and weathering to this. I want to wait till the weather cools down more outside before I start airbrushing the turret and other models again. Until then, I'll just be working on the base:


I'm not that thrilled with it, but hopefully the filter will work to make it look better.

Next I worked on the one railroad flat car that I started in Ohio. This was my work in Ohio here working on the first truck. Basic assembly was here:


Talk about fiddly! Man that was a challenging thing to do. Later I tried a different sequence to assemble the second one to try and make it easier. It worked to a small degree... Meanwhile, this one still had some final parts to add:


My apologies for the fuzziness. My camera was having a tough time focusing here.

After I got home I pulled this out again and decided that I was going to build the main part of this rail car. I assembled the whole upper deck. Here it is next to the original bogie I built in Ohio:


After finishing the second bogie, I installed them underneath the main deck:


They are actually designed to turn so that this can be displayed on a curved track.Later I finished up almost all the detail parts. This is now ready for paint:


Since I was already working in a railroad subject, I decided to pull out this next one. This was a 1/72 scale Trumpeter Leopold Rail Gun that a friend had started. He had so much difficulty getting the main trucks to assemble correctly that he gave up and offered the model to me. I took it. The issues he had were that the parts for the main trucks were not seated in place properly so the wheels were all wonky and in a couple cases, falling out. I had to disassemble the forward truck in order to re-cement the pieces in place the way they are supposed to sit:


It took a lot of clamps on this; here is the first attachment I started on; before slowly gluing down the rest as I went:


Here it is all clamped up on the one side. Later I had to glue the other side. Meanwhile as this was drying, I rebuilt the rear truck which hadn't been assembled as much as the forward truck was:


You can see that one in the background sitting on the track testing it for alignment:


That worked for both of them. Here's the forward truck being tested for alignment:


These truck are now done and ready for final fiddly bits.

Later on I started the breech and pivot mount for this gun. Here is the basic assembly now:


After that I cemented the two halves of the rest of the gun barrel together. You can see the Exacto blade there for size reference:


Later I started most of the sub-assemblies for the elevation mechanism. Here are the major parts all assembled for that:


While all that was drying, I skipped ahead again and started the loading deck box on the rear:


There's a lot more that goes on that but they are fiddly so I'll leave them off till later.

I know a lot of people panned Trumpeter railroad track pieces, but I gotta say that I love them! They gave me four in this kit:


Finally, I decided to move forward on the church I'm building. I don't know if I posted this, but here's the cross I bought for this to replace the tiny one that came in the kit:


Anyway, after priming this church; I found a load of seams on almost all the corners where the walls joined; despite my best efforts to press everything together tightly enough to close them off. So, I filled them with Mr. Surfacer and then sanded them down as much as I could after the Mr. Surfacer had dried. Here were the worst ones:




Once I finished all that sanding, I repainted everything; then touched up the rest of the stone work on the sides. I then painted the roof sections with Pollyscale Oily Black. This is coming along nicely now:



There is still some more basic painting to be done, particularly on the doors; but for the most part the base painting work is done. I do still need to source some stained glass window images now.

That is all I have now. It ain't much; just what I've been able to squeeze in between work, chores and friends. Enjoy the tour; thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.


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Here's my latest update for this week. I'll start with my one aircraft.

This is my Israeli Sufa in 1/72 scale. I finally got the canopy, exhaust and wheel wells masked off:



Later, when I was painting everything, I shot an upper base color on this. It is Testor's Israeli Armor Sand:


That base coat showed me where a lot of gaps and seams were so I filled them in:



I set that aside to dry and went to work on more stuff, this time ground based. While I had the airbrush out, I shot a new base coat on the Austratt turret:



Finally! A smooth even coat of paint. Here it is on the base casemate:


Still while painting, I went ahead and masked off the windows on the MAN tractor for the Pershing II truck:


Next came the paint for the tractor and the trailer:



The front platform broke off; it has since been repaired. Meanwhile I pulled out a more OD color for the Pershing II itself:


While still airbrushing, I shot a base coat of Panzer Schwartzgrua on the flat car. I thinned it a bit too much though:


Finally it was time to move ahead on the Nagmachon. I started by masking the tiny windows with Tamiya tape:


After that, I added all the extra fiddly bits and all the P/E screen mounting brackets. What a porcupine this has become:


I then first shot it with a dark OD color as a base:


After that dried up, I shot another coat of Israeli Armor Sand over it to try and get some modulation out of it. That is a bit hard to see in these pics, but it's there:



I also started the assembly of the tracks for this. They will go one later and then I plan on glossing this for a dirt wash and later dry-brush. The P/E screens will go on last.

After all that I wanted to start something simple and fun. I pulled out my AMT Space 1999 Hawk ship and got started on it. First were the engine pods:


Next were the armament pods:


Finally, the main engine halves got assembled:


And that's as far as I got on all this so far. I have more to come after Friday and Saturday so stay tuned.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Now for my latest work I did at Hobby Day this past weekend. All this is armor and at least three of these are brand new models started during Hobby Day.

The one model I continued to work on was the twin 128mm AA guns that go with the Austratt turret. I did get the first of two barrels built:


After doing the second one the same way, I then assembled the whole gun. It took awhile and had me highly frustrated due to the way the instructions aren't clear and the steps they tell you to do only make the assembly more difficult. I finally got most of this beastie completed:



This gun is almost ready for paint after a few more fiddly bits get installed.

After that I decided to try something different... hey, who left this engine lying around?


Okay, that above is the V-12 engine that goes to my Bereg Coastal Defense gun. There were fifteen parts on that I had to assemble to get that to this point. By this time, I was tired of tiny pieces so I jumped ahead and built the command and control cabin for this as well as the turret. Here is the turret all assembled. You can see the gun that goes on this in the background:


Here it is lined up behind the C&C cabin as it will be when installed on the chassis:


Next I pulled out the ACE BTR-3K and started on it. First I assembled the lower hull. There are five pieces that make this up:


Then came the upper hull. Three more pieces:


Here's the top sitting on the bottom. Putting these together will be interesting:


Finally I started another car; this one a Type 770 Cabriolet. I started of course, with the chassis. This was tough as the connection points were not clear in the instructions:


After that I built the interior and the upper body. Here it is all together:


Later I realized that the stance was not correct so I had to pull the front suspension off and rebuild it properly. I don't have pics of that, but this little car is almost ready for paint.

That's all I managed to get done on Hobby Day Friday and Saturday. I was surprised at how well I did given everything that was going on both those days.

This will probably be the last update for a couple weeks due to the start of a fairly large job so enjoy!

Thanks for looking in; comments are welcome.

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Wow, after a considerable time, I finally managed to get back to the workbench. Here's my latest progress on several models.

I'll start with the church. Since I was putting a brown wash on the Austratt turret base, I also experimented with it on the side of the church building:


Later on I'll drybrush some lighter grey over that to see how it looks.  

Speaking of the Austratt turret, here is the base with the brown wash on it. It can barely be seen in these pics but I assure you it is there and visible:


I had also tried a dot filter on the sides of the turret as well, but it is not very visible here either:



Later on I glossed this turret, then did a brown wash on the rivets, protrusions and seams and then dull coated this:


Again, not very visible in these pics; all the effects can be seen better in person. After all this, I've declared this beastie done.

Moving on, I experimented again with a dark earth drybrush on a portion of the church roof. The left side is not drybrushed, the right side is:


That drybrush was done over a base coat of Oily Black paint on the tiles.

Continuing on with ground elements, I was able to move forward on my George Creed Tribute Build for my friend. I first shot a modulation of a lighter green over the cab, trailer and missile:




The missile was also drybrushed at this time. After that, just for fun I fitted the missile onto the trailer to see how it looks:


I then detail painted the tractor portion with some Oily Black on the chassis and suspension as well as finished off the painting on other parts:


That chassis and suspension later got a dry brush of steel over it.

After that it got glossed for a wash. There seemed to be no markings on this tractor; at least the instructions didn't show any which I thought as odd, but I moved on. I wanted this done so I glossed the trailer and the missile and added the decals to both of them:


Here is the missile and trailer all dullcoated after the decals had dried:


My George Creed Tribute Build is finally done.

After this I also moved ahead on my Israeli Nagmachon. There was a lot to before the photo etch went on. First off, I painted the photo etch. Then I glossed the model and added the decals plus a medium brown wash:



Next came the dull coat and drybrush of a light sand over the details, as well as the painting of the machine guns:


Finally the tracks and last side skirts were installed. This one is ready for the photo etch screens:




And finally, I did manage to get some progress done on one of my aircraft. The Israeli Sufa needed more seams and gaps filled so I added some more Mr. Surfacer 500 to them:



After some sanding and repainting, it looks much better. It still ain't perfect, but I'm far more happy with this:


Next up will be the other two camouflage colors.

And that completes my progress for this month so far. Hopefully I can finish that Nagmachon and Sufa this week.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are most welcome.

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"Back in the saddle again"......Lookin' good Duke!


GIL :smiley16:

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At least for now Gil. Thanks for posting and for the compliment!

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Well, after another week and a half, I have a good bit more progress done. It's been a good week so far.

Here is the latest progress I got done, starting with my aircraft.

The Shinmeiwa was getting on my nerves so it was pulled out to move it along. I started with the inner flaps, trapping the hinge pieces inside with caps. You can see here where I had to improvise when one cap disappeared:


I then got the inner flaps assembled:


The outer flaps were assembled afterward the same way:


Then they were all dry, I trapped them inside the two wing halves when I assembled the wings. They move quite well in there:


Later while looking at the instructions, I noticed that there were certain fuselage plates that had to be inserted and glued flush when the fuselage was assembled. Yet, there were no tabs or 'shelves' for the plates to sit on, making it too easy for them to fall into the fuselage. So, I glued some sheet styrene pieces to the openings to allow the plates to be placed in place without the threat of them disappearing inside the fuselage:



I was ready to move on by then.

Because of Frank's fantastic Huey helicopter builds, I decided to bring out one of my two UH-1D's I'd gotten at the recent game convention and start it. This one has special markings for a German SAR bird that looked very cool, so I decided on that one. First step of course was the cockpit and interior:


That was as far as I got before I started again on my armor.

My first work on my armor was to assemble the main hull of the Terminator. Here it is with the side sponsons, hatches, and various detail bits on it:


Next I test fit the turret onto this to see how well it turns. It turns well:


After that I assembled the five pieces of the lower hull:


This thing is starting to look pretty good:



Next up, I decided to get back on my Bereg Coastal Defense Gun. I pulled out the parts to assemble the chassis and went to work, finally finishing when I got this much done:


I then assembled the control cabin and floor, along with some bracing pylons:


...followed by the gun barrel to the turret:


Here is the whole thing dry-fit together so far:


And then I realized, I have three other eight-wheeled Russian trucks I can build with the same chassis. That's when I got sucked in....

I pulled out another one, this time the MAZ Heavy Cargo Truck. I built that chassis:


And then I built the cargo bed since it was so simple to do:


Next was the MAZ Command Post for the SA-10 Grumble SAM system. Yep, another MAZ chassis:


I then started the command post cabin. It wasn't as easy as the cargo bed, but still went together well enough:


Still more to do on that but here it is dry-fit to the chassis:


Oh, and here's another one! This is another MAZ chassis, but if you look closely; you'll see it is slightly shorter than the others.  This one is for the MAZ Tractor pulling the trailer:


Since I had the tractor started, it was time to start the trailer too, so I assembled it to this stage. I have a few more detail parts to add before it's painted and then after that I'll add the wheels:


I then realized I had two more (at least) eight-wheeled Russian Trucks to do, but these were different trucks based on the KZMT series of trucks. I pulled out the first one, a KZMT Heavy Cargo Truck. Here's the completed chassis for that one:


I then built the easy to assemble cargo bed again and dry fit it to the chassis:


Last, I assembled another KZMT chassis; this one for the Iskandar missile system:


Just for fun, here are all the chassis all lined up for you to see:


This shot shows the extra sub-assemblies on them to show which one is for which truck:


But wait! I started a seventh eight-wheeled truck. This last one is the AA-60 Fire and Rescue truck on the MAZ chassis. This model company kept it real simple though, here is the chassis assembly:


Well, I couldn't stop there. I had to build the rest of the rear body for this truck, but I started with the small cabin behind the driver's cab:


That didn't fit too well, but I moved on. Here is the rear body mostly assembled so far:


No need to worry about that gap in the back. It will be obvious why when I install this tank I also built:


See? No gap, but there are other issues I will have to address. Still, this is looking quite impressive so far:


One of those issues was on the small cab; I got started on that one with some Mr. Surfacer 500:


When that dries it'll be sanded down.

That's when I decided I'd done enough till now. So, I shall end this update here and I hope you enjoyed the latest tour. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.



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Nice progress Duke! This is the first time I recall you mentioning losing a part. It's probably happened before, but what's amazing to me is that with the myriad of projects you always have going it's not a regular occurrence!


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks Gil! It does seem to me to happen all the time, but then again, I guess I'm always focused on it. I do try to go slow enough and sit close enough to the table to keep parts from being lost. Just the other day, I did drop seven different parts but surprisingly enough was able to recover all of them.


Thanks again for the great compliment!

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