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Phishing try thru the IPMS


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I just got a message from IPMS that  "afraideye"  post in the About the IPMS National Convention. It appears to come from -    forum_admin@ipmsusa3.org

. It offers me the opportunity to buy "fake money, passports, IDs" etc...

At first I thought it was coming from "me" so I changed my password and was going to alert you all, not that I thought any of you was looking for fake passports,  but don't click out of curiosity.  Thats when I saw the user name.

Mods/Admin you may want to look for Afraideye to see if he's hiding in the forum, or is it completely bogus - thought it really looks like an IPMS forum notice.

Be wary.

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That is just an email from the site that something was posted in that section...  which come from the admin account... 

You're probably 'following' that section which is why you get the email..

The posts have been removed and the user blocked.


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