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Mark Deliduka

The Duke Completes More Armor

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Hey all.

This is my latest armor models to be finished. I am so thrilled to get these off the workbench.

First off is the 1/72 scale Hobby Boss German Br-57 Panzerlok armored engine and tender. It was sprayed with a base of Panzer dunklegelb and later hand painted with the two other camouflage colors. I tried weathering with a dark brownish color at the base to reflect the dirt and coal debris that would have been kicked up during use or weather:




Next up is my 1/72 scale WWI US Army 8-inch Howitzer by Roden. Again this was sprayed with a base coat, then hand painted with the camouflage pattern. I lightly weathered this as I figured it would have been well cared for. Now I have something to hitch up to my FWD 3-ton ammo carrier:




It is far from my best but I did what I could with such a difficult model. I'm glad it is done!

And finally, this is Finished Model Number 1500! This completed model brings my entire model collection to the 1500 count milestone. It is the 1/72 scale RPM MACK cargo truck, late version done in US Army colors. This model also brings my total armor/vehicle count to 745 now.

Here it is all ready to be delivered to my US Army:




Don't ask me why the tilt still looks semi-gloss; I shot that puppy with dullcoat several times. I might have to try again.

Well, that's all I have for now. I might get a few more finished by the end of the year so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, comments are welcome, thanks all for looking in.

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Interesting look on the train engine. Plan on making cars to attach to it? Make a cool diorama.

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Thanks Robin. Hobby Boss only make s a couple of the cars this engine pulls in am armored train. I do hope to get those cars and see if I can make one with some other flatcars from Modelcollect. It would be some kind of ad hoc armored transportation train instead of a full-blown armored train. I already have one of those: The Panzerzug BP-44


Thanks again for the great reply.

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