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New Tru-Color Releases

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Got a note from our friends at Tru-Color Paint about a number of new releases coming out - see the reviews of their paint on our Reviews page.  The following colors will be released per the noted schedule.  Contact info: tcpmodelpaint@gmail.com. Website: trucolorpaint.com.  Enjoy!  John Noack 1VP

  1. TCP-1445: RAL 7021- Dunkelgrau
  2. TCP-1446: RAL 7028- Dunkelgelb #1
  3. TCP-1447: RAL 7028- Dunkelgelb #2
  4. TCP-1089: 5-OG Ocean Green, Revised 1943
  5. TCP-1090: 5-PG Pale Green, Revised 1943
  6. TCP-1091: 5-HG Haze Green, Revised 1943
  1. TCP-653: Bali Blue Pearl
  2. TCP-775: Metallic Fawn Beige
  3. TCP-790: Vienna Green Pearl
  1. TCP-400: Matte Rail Brown
  2. TCP-406: Matte Dark Rust
  1. TCP-1448: RAL 7028- Dunkelgelb #3
  2. TCP-1449: RAL 7028- Dunkelgelb #4
  3. TCP-1450: RAL 7008- Gray Green
  4. TCP-1254: BC-05- Yellow Doped Linen
  1. TCP-654: Caviar Pearl
  2. TCP-785: Chili Red Pearl
  3. TCP-789: Liquid Silver Pearl
  1. TCP-433: Matte Black
  2. TCP-434: Matte Aged Tar
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