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New Review: The Battleship Bismarck (Anatomy of the Ship)

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"Sink the Bismarck" was the very first war movie I ever saw as a young lad, with my Scottish Father telling me it involved "the greatest naval engagement undertaken by the Royal Navy in the Second World War".  The Bismarck, one of two Bismarck-class battleships laid down by Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, was fast and extremely powerful, armaments wise.  She had a very short career, undertaking only one offensive operation,  in May 1941, codenamed Rheinubung. Together with the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, Bismarck sailed into the Atlantic on a mission to block shipping carrying supplies to Britain.  Obviously, this was something the British were determined to stop, and so the Royal Navy sent forces to try and intercept the German ships, including the battleship HMS Prince of Wales, and the battlecruiser HMS Hood

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