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New Review: Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 Expert Kabuki Masks

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The Tamiya Bf-109G-6 is a great model kit. It comes with its own masks but they are not pre-cut nor do they stick to the compound curves very well. Kabuki tape masks work so much better and if they are pre-cut they are the answer to the shortcomings.

New Ware Masks are the answer to those issues. This set is pre-cut on Kabuki tape and provides nearly everything that you'd want to mask off on the kit. More items are included than what is included in the kit. The masks are printed on a 39,5x111 mm sheet of Kabuki tape.

As you'd expect, masks for the canopy are provided as is the normal but unlike the kit masks, this set includes masks for the inside AND outside canopy framing. But this set doesn't stop there. There are masks included for the spiral, the wheels, the radiator faces and all the other clear parts. The one thing not provided is masks for the wingtip lights.

The instructions are printed on a single sided sheet of paper. Step 1 is the interior masking and Step 2 is the exterior. The spinner decal is broken down into three pieces just like the kit decals.

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