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Miss Pumpkin Witch: WIP

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After every build I usually clean up around the desk, and I notice this little mini which had fallen on the floor and got covered by a box.  She's Miss Pumpkin Witch, from The Predastore
Since Halloween is right around the corner I decided to move this model to the front of the line.  The 1/35 mini is part of the pin-up limited edition series. Mine was number 18 of 200. The model comes in 3 parts - the body/pumpkin, the arm with the knife, and the hat. 


As usual it's starts with a two tone priming - 


And then a base coat. What you're seeing here are the stocks before trying a smoky color. That ended up not working and decided to just take it easy and make a very pale purple stockings - 


 Here we have a few highlights on the pumpkin, skin and dress. I also started detailing her face. WOW it's tiny!  Thanks for looking.

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On 10/16/2018 at 12:05 AM, sprueguy said:

Another fantastic work.....


Being this one was a pretty simplistic design, there was a few touch ups and then glue the arm and hat on. Then I created a simple base from foam, static grass, Aves shaped into a pumpkin, and some lead wire for the vine.  Calling this one done. Thanks for looking.




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