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New Review: Eduard FW-190A Tface Masks

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For as long as I can remember I've always painted the outside of my canopy framing the interior color first and then painted the exterior color overtop of that.  This ensured that the interior color showed through the canopy.  But there was always one thing that bothered me a little bit, the color was always glossy.  Well Eduard has finally fixed that with their new line of TFace Masking sets.

This particular set is designed for the FW-190A series of Eduard models, including the A-8/R2 Rammjaeger.  The masks are made of the infamous Kabuki tape so they are flexible and very easy to use.  There are instructions to show you which masks to use where, including which is the inside masks and which are the outside ones. 

Placing the masks is fairly easy but care has to be exercised when adding them to the interior as there are no panel lines to follow.  I recommend that you add the interior masks first and then the exterior ones.  Placing the exterior ones is easy enough. 

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