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New Review: Sd. Kfz. 182 King Tiger (Porsche Turret) Interior Set

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My, but when it rains it really pours, doesn't it?  After years of comparatively limited (and sometimes pretty iffy) kits of the impressive King Tiger, we now have numerous companies falling all over themselves to provide THE definitive version of this classic monster.  Meng, a relative newcomer to the modeling community, has chimed in with their own contribution - one which offers a lovely Porche-turreted vehicle in classic 1/35th scale, but also a separate kit of the full interior as well as a decal set for the zimmerit. 

Because of the nature of the build, the interior kit and the basic kit are unavoidably interlinked, as you will have to bounce back and forth between the two a fair bit during construction.  As I intend to write separate reviews for these two items, I will do my best to refer to the companion kit (in either case) only in its relation to the other kit's construction.  Bear with me on this - I found myself going through the directions and crossing out portions of both sheets so I wouldn't get confused.

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