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New Review: The Habsburgs' Wings 1914 Vol 1

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This book is published by Kagero and is distributed in North America by Casemate Publishers. "The Hapsburg's Wings 1914" is authored by Professor, Senior Doctor Lecturer Andrzej Olejko.

As one would expect, the focus of North American WWI historians, students, authors, artists, and modelers is on the Western Front. Ask a Canadian to name a WWI Ace and they will respond with "Billy Bishop". Ask an American and they will quickly name Eddie Rickenbacker. Other names will be put forward. Certainly, on this list, will be George Guynemer, Albert Ball, Andrew Beauchamp Proctor and Mick Mannock.

Ask, then, for the respondent to focus on German Aces. Of course, the first name that will come up is Manfred Von Richthofen followed quickly by Max Immelmann.

Finally, ask the respondent to name Aces or Airmen who served on the Eastern Front. More than likely, the question will be met with a rather long silence and then a quick, "I don't know the names of any Eastern Front Aces or Airmen."

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