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One More Thing...


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Here's a little bust I was doing while l waiting for the paint and/or glue of Medusa to dry. I took this sculpt of Det. Columbo as a sort of sketch, as it's a bit rough, so I just left it that way.  The bust didn't come with a name, so remembering his famous line to solve the case - "Oh, one more thing..." So that's what I'll do when I create a proper base for it.

I agonized over the 5 o'clock shadow - too much too little - and back again. It was the first time I did it with paint. (vs. pastels). The other hard part was, after all the time spent trying to make eyes centered, was to have his one eye accurate and a little off.

The inspiration -



All done . Thanks for looking. CCs welcome.


(On the shelf with the other lil busts)

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1 hour ago, WildBill50 said:

Looks like a pretty good likeness of 'Matlock", I mean 'Columbo'.

And that's quite the collection of busts.

They all look great.


LOL Thanks. 

With Magnum being recycled, It's only a matter of time before we see a bust of that, and I have to paint a Hawaiian shirt. 😉

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