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Model Kit Auction for deceased member


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"This is not an IPMS/USA sponsored event", we are only sharing this auction information to the members who may be interested in the sale.

To:  IPMS Members

I am writing you to let you know that due to the recent death of my brother, his model collection (approx. 13,000 un-built models and approximately 500 built models as well as building materials, specialty detailing parts, paint, tools, books, etc.) are now being sold.  They are being sold in installments by Crawford Family Auctions located in Olympia Washington.  You can go to their Web site and see what items are being sold at this time.  So far about 2,000 models have been sold and another 1,200 are being auctioned, on-line, with the sale to end Sept 29.  These sales will continue every 3 - 4 weeks until all the models and materials are sold.......Check it out  Crawford Family Auctions
Mike Haase - Executor
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