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Visceral Visions Medusa (rated PG-17)


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( I know nudity isn't appropriate for these forums so I blurred what might offend, just and FYI. Mods feel free to delete in not up to standards.)

This build is my Pledge for my local IPMS club. To get guys to build at least one model a year, they are asked in April the name of one kit, and pledge that they will finish it by the October meeting. My kit is the old Visceral Visions Medusa. This is sculpted by Marcus DeLeo. Doing a web search for Visceral Visions turned up nothing, so I guess they are gone... Too bad, it was a well done kit.  The parts plus a certificate of authenticity. Mine was #18 -  -





The parts are for the most part very well done. There are some pinholes and bubbles in the base, and there are two pieces that have been broken - the center spike on the headdress, and one of the loops on the loin cloth. 
As you may be able to tell, she's not your average Medusa. She's not a snake, tho she does have snakes for her hair. Otherwise she's a very attractive, accurately sculpted pin up kit.  Her face from the site - 

 I started out by using some Aves on the larger bubbles and Vallejo putty on the smaller ones. I was also able to scrape off some of the tiniest ones. Once I get it painted I can add sand to the base to help conceal any other ones visible. The gray marks are the Aves repairs ...


... and then my two tone primer job. The arch fits to the base with two large pins, and is a very tight fit. I may just  leave it as is, so I can remove it for transporting it around. There is also an arch in the back that also sits on a pin. This one is not as tight so I may get two large magnets to attach it. Again making it easier to transport. 


Next, I started in on the smaller parts. 


The two yellow arrows indicate where the repairs must be made. On the headdress, I already drilled a hole and inserted a wire. I'm going to have to think about the loop. The snake above the headdress looks to have had a bubble so big it split the snake in half - but it was quickly glued. The join was a little off center and also the glue became brittle, so that was re-broken, and cleaned out. It too was drilled and a wire inserted, the halves glued and Aves applied.
The blue arrow is a part I have no idea where it goes or what it is. Any ideas? 

Here Aves was applied to the wire and the spike was added. Once dry, I'll sand the epoxy to it resembles the shape that was originally there. For the loop in the loin cloth, I just created a loop with wire and drilled that into the break point. It was the covered in Aves. That too will be shaped, and a hole drilled out once dry. 

The snakes just to see where each one went.



  My idea for fixing the loop.

 Next part coming up.
 Thanks for looking. 

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Continuing on with the kit, I first tackled the metal bits of her outfit. The parts were base coated in Gunmetal, and then highlighted in Silver after a wash with Nuln Oil. The rivets were done in a brass to lighten things up, and add more color.


From there I turned back to the figure and added some Barbarian Skin Tone, and then highlighted that by adding V's Iraqi Sand to the B skin tone.  Next was green to her hair. The snakes are going to be a different green so they, for the most part, were left alone for now.  I always paint the eyes black to start, and the lips were done in a Hull Red.  Thanks for looking.




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(The model is at a point now where she'll be clothed from now on...)  😉

It was a one step back and one step forward type of day. 
The stepping back came trying to add some sort of reptilian look to her. My idea was to shade part of her skin a green color and then create a scale pattern over the green. I went looking for different kinds of perforated ribbon or even a stencil, but I had no luck. In the end I added green dots and then stippled gold dots over the green dots. Nope, didn't look good - 


So I got out my tan V primer and covered it over. I then doubled my efforts and managed to find a scales stencil on a miniatures website (will talk more about it when it arrives). 
Good news is that it's ordered, bad news is that the order will be fulfilled in 5 to 10 days. I don't if that means I'll get it in 5 to 10 days, which isn't that bad,  or they will send it out in 5 to 10 days...

So while I was waiting I worked some more on her hair, and the snakes. Finally turning my attention to the base.  I already did the B&W primer, so then since green is the default color, I took some of V's Gray Green and added that for the stone work.
The vine was also done in an ocher green and highlights to parts of the sculpted stone was done with a toned down turquoise-


For the column (not shown) I was thinking about a lighter, almost white gray with some green marble looking stripes. We'll see how that goes. Thanks for looking. 

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If there's anyone still reading... The scales haven't arrived yet, so I continue to work on the base. 
Turining my attention to the little pinholes, I was lead to this stuff my a model railroad guy - it's Chinchilla Dust. Evidently they like to take dust baths and the particles of this stuff is *tiny*!


It's in a mayonnaise sized jar, and it looks like I'll have it the rest of my life. Becasue the particles are so small that just a little bit of PVA glue, and then a sprinkle of this stuff, and it covers the pinholes without creating little mounds on the model. 

The white areas are the Dust.

From there, I let the PVA set up for a few minutes and then took some watered down paint, and was shocked how the dust absorbed in the paint and instantly changed colors, unlike regular sand.  The down side, if it really is one, is that some of the particles are "glittery", so if you just want a dull base, you need to over coat it with a Matte Clear spray.

 Next, I went back to painting a few more of my snakes. I took a look at a few  different species and tried to match their patterns. 
Before ending this session I also added a few dead leaves (from the vine) to the base. I had added some Realistic water to help the wet look, and just stuck the leaves to the Water. 
Thanks for looking.



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Nice work- interesting piece all around. Love the last pic of all the snakes...brings some nice bits of color overall. The one looking like a coral snake would be really popping with the yellow stripes added in, but I like what you've done. Base looks great!

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On 10/6/2018 at 6:59 AM, Jeeves said:

Nice work- interesting piece all around. Love the last pic of all the snakes...brings some nice bits of color overall. The one looking like a coral snake would be really popping with the yellow stripes added in, but I like what you've done. Base looks great!

Thanks. I had thought about it, but with Vallejo paints, yellow is a weak color and unless I painted that first, it would need coat after coat. Wasn't in the mood for that, so I just used them for splashes of color.

For part 5, I finally heard from the scale stencil guy, and I should have it Tuesday (I'm writing this on Monday). 
Hopefully my next post will show the finale. 

But for today, I did some more work on the snakes on her head - changed some colors etc...  and basically cleaned up the paint job. I added some layers to her hair which was really short of detail, and touched up any oops' with the paint. 
I also wanted to detail her eyes but every time I complete a part, I would clear coat it. The next step would be the eyes, but something else drew my attention, and forgetting the eyes, I tackled that. 🙃  Thanks for looking.





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The stencil for the scales hasn't arrived yet, but I'm finished with her besides that I couldn't resist a few pics. Now, I'm reconsidering even needing the scales ...
Thanks for looking. 





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On 10/10/2018 at 11:17 PM, ewahl said:

Way to go, Kevin!  I admire your technique for skin tones; very realistic.  The colorful slithering things just continue to add interest to the piece.


Thanks! I started following the style of You Tuber Ian E.    He uses lots of glazes which he calls basically colored water. Doing minis you can make a larger jump in color values. Medusa is 1:6th, so the jumps are a lot smaller.

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