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TIE Predator


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Another  TIE fighter from the Star Wars world, Wookiepedia says:

Considered a successor to the older TIE/IN interceptor, the Predator-class fighter was still highly maneuverable and heavily armed, but unlike most previous TIEs, it was also equipped with hyper-drives and a deflector shield generated through its blade-shaped wings.

It's first appearance Was in the first comic from the Legacy series.  This TIE Predator is from Australia's Scale Solutions.  A number of years ago when Australia was going to be raising the prices for international shipping, Wayne posted that he thinks he was calling it quits figuring all the business he'll be losing. But while looking up info , I see he still has a WEBPAGE for models and the TIE Predator is still in the inventory. 

The kit comes in 9 parts giving you the choice between a regular TIE front and one that looks like a grill. it is nicely cast gray odorless resin.  


I wanted the grill front and after a little cleanup, tried the fit out. It fit so well, that I couldn't get it out. And of course, it's tilted ever so slightly dang it. I tried to spin it a little but was afraid of denting the resin. So it'll stay that way. 

The edges of the wings looked a little plain, as did the very back of the ball, so I added a little 1/2 round piece of styrene to the edges. 


Assembly came next. The kit comes with 4 pins to attach the two wings. The instructions tells you how to glue them in so the wings will be movable. Mine were a little miscast, so I just glue my wings in the open position, and primed.


The kit doesn't come with a base, so I'll have to figure something out. I also will cut a clear rod to hold it aloft, which means I'll have to drill a hole in the ball. But that's for next time. Check back and thanks for looking.

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Thanks guys. Yes, Bill, it does  look like pilots wings. I'm not sure, but I'll never take for granted where ideas come from. 😉

Oh yeah, Mark. This design came from the comics, but there are fan boy videos on You Tube that make lists and what you saw in the movies are a mere speck of how big the SW universe it - ship wise.  I jus started another one - a TIE Scimitar Bomber. 😉  Equally as weird.

I had to put these projects on the back shelf for a short while. I was reminded the other night at my local club meeting that "my pledge" model is supposed to be finished for the October meeting, and I haven't even started.  They have Pledge nite in an effort to get some of these guys to build at least one model each year. You make the pledge that you will build "X" in April, and it has to be finished by Oct.  They also have some sort of point system (I'm new at the club so I don't have it all down yet) and for each model you bring to a meeting you get points toward a raffle or something. 🤔  Anyway my pledge will appear in Figures. Look for Medusa in a day or two... 😉

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21 hours ago, Mark Deliduka said:

Excellent! I might suggest that idea to my club. Cool!


Looking forward to seeing Medusa. I'd better polish my reflective shield though to be safe.

Hehe, You'll definitely need you shield for this one. 😉  My son, home sick from school,  took over my work room on his Pledge model. The room's  set up for only one person, so I had to wait ... 

My new club does a lot to bolster building. Between items like Pledges, they have a number of topic nights that have wide subjects, not these narrow ones where only a few who build that part of a genre can contribute, as another club (who will remain nameless) constantly did.  So my all means pass it on. If it gets even 2 - 3 more guys into their garage or spare room to build, it's a plus.

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This ship, as my previous posts say has been sitting around since the Fall. I was going to come up with a super cool base. Until I had no energy to do so.  Then I remembered I had has a set of Death Star Tiles in resin.  So I painted that up and used it - *finally*  completing the kit . Thanks for looking.


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