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New Review: A6M5c Zero Type 52 Gun Barrels

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I love a quick fix. Lord knows there are plenty of labor-intensive so-called "fixes" out there in the modeling market (some photoetch sets spring immediately to mind). Quickboost, at least in this lovely little detail set, does all the heavy lifting for the modeler.

If you have the old Hasegawa 1/32nd scale Zero, the limitations of the molding process definitely shortchange the weapon systems of this classic craft - no fault of the manufacturer. Quickboost offers this simple, beautifully crafted set to bring this older model into the 21st Century. It also offers a similar set (QB 32 153) for the newer Tamiya offering.

Comprising five gun barrels - three machine gun caliber Type 3 and two 20mm Type 99-II cannon - this set is a direct replacement for the kit parts. Molding is exceedingly fine and without any blemishes or mold lines. Each gun features an open muzzle and the cooling holes in the machine gun barrels are beautifully reproduced.

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