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New Review: German 30mm Autocannon Mk 103

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I'm not sure I need to discuss the utility of having a really good rendition of the German Mk 103 cannon available in this scale. It was used on a number of aircraft - slung under the wings of tank-destroying Fw190s and Hs129s, mounted in the Do335 and the Horton Flying Wing, and even used in a fair number of ground mounts. This 30mm weapon was not to be trifled with.

It is, however, a fairly difficult shape to successfully mold using the standard styrene molding processes. Master from Poland has come to the rescue with a lovely little kit from their Air Master series. The kit supplies two complete barrel assemblies, including the barrels and adapters in brass and two variants of the complex gun muzzles in resin.

As can be seen, assembly is very straight-forward and the enhanced detail a true delight. I like the brass barrels, as it renders the assembly much stronger than it might have been if the barrels were resin. The delicacy of the muzzle detail is a eye-popping enhancement to any aircraft you care to add these to. For me, it's going to be the Fw-190. Fun!

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